Fang Chen

Research Professsor
Biological Sciences
Research Interests: 
  • Biotechnology for sustainable biofuel and bioproducts: plant cell walls bioengineering and lignin-based carbon fiber and high-value chemicals; altering lignin structure and composition to facilitate the lignin valorizations.
  • Biomass formation and modification: lignin bioengineering and its effect on biomass recalcitrance in bioenergy crops and in-depth mechanisms of plant cell wall recalcitrance. Creation of next generation low recalcitrance high-value biomass crops.
  • Metabolic engineering of plant natural products, secondary metabolite profiling, and high throughput cell wall analysis.
  • Genomic and genetic approaches to understanding plant cell wall biosynthesis and plant growth. EMS mutant screening and mapping-by-sequencing for mutant identification in cleome hasslariana.

Current Grants

• NSF (IOS). Biosynthesis, Regulation, and Engineering of C-Lignin. $833,000. 5/1/15-5/31/18 (Co-PI F. Chen).

• DOE BioEnergy Science Center (BESC). Lignin modification in switchgrass. $346,000. 10/1/12-11/30/17



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