Rajeev K. Azad

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences and Mathematics

My research interests are in the area of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, particularly developing and applying mathematical and statistical tools to decipher structural and functional features in genomes and elucidate their relationships in the context of evolution. I have developed novel computational methodologies for gene discovery, alien gene identification and genome comparison. Many of these methods and algorithms are based on probabilistic models that provide a rigorous theoretical framework for studying nucleotide ordering patterns within genomes and have proved powerful tools for biological sequence analysis. I have extensive training and experiences in computational genomics and transcriptomics, including differential gene regulation and genome evolution.

Research Interests: 
  • Microbial genome plasticity: Evolution of bacterial virulence and drug resistance.
  • Differential gene regulation: Whole transcriptome profiling and analysis.
  • Assessment of statistical methods for genome sequence analysis.
  • Gene / Gene family discovery; Gene network analysis.
  • Sex chromosome evolution.
  • National Science Foundation. Ultrafast Omics Reveals Key Players in the Response of Plants to Abiotic Stress (Co-PI). $720,000. 5/1/14–4/30/18.
  • National Science Foundation. Biosynthesis, Regulation and Engineering of C-Lignin (Co-PI). $833,722. 8/1/15–7/31/18.
  • National Institutes of Health. Molecular Consequences of Glucose Diet and Altered Ceramide Species Impacting Oxygen Deprivation Responses. (PI). $445,343. 4/1/16–3/31/19.

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