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Clement Chan Lab-Ph.D. Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Positions for Ph.D. Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Multiple Ph.D. student and postdoc positions are available at Dr. Clement Chan's Lab at the University of North Texas, Department of Biomedical Engineering. These student positions provide full support of tuition and stipend for completing our Ph.D. program; and postdoc positions are full-time with all standard employee benefits. We are located within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is a major metropolitan in the United States, ranking #4 by population size and #6 by economic outputs. Our campus is close to the DFW international airport that provides direct flights to most major cities. The region is highly diverse with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment and recreation facilities.

Our research group is in the field of systems and synthetic biology. We use skills and techniques from various disciplines to understand and engineer biological systems at molecular to cellular levels, aiming to develop biological devices for tackling environmental, biomedical, and industrial problems. These scientific disciplines include protein science and engineering, genetic and cellular engineering, computational biology, omics sciences, and bioinformatics. We are looking for candidates to join our recently funded projects, which involves research in basic biological sciences, bioengineering, and industrial collaborations. Students and postdocs are particularly encouraged to join us if they are interested or have experience in the following methods and techniques:

  • Cloning and genome editing
  • Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry
  • Protein X-ray crystallography
  • Protein engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Next-generation sequencing for genomics and transcriptomics
  • Mass spectrometry for proteomics and metabolomics

Ph.D. Student Training

This is designed as a 5-year program. Ph.D. training is focused on scientific research and students will get full financial support by serving as research assistant in our lab. Ph.D. students may potentially gain teaching experience by serving as teaching assistant but these opportunities are not guaranteed as we only have limited TA positions. This program also has a coursework component; students are required to take courses in Biomedical Engineering and they can take courses in other departments based on their interest, such as Biology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, etc. Furthermore, we have budgeted sufficient funding from our grants for Ph.D. students to travel for presenting their research at national conferences. For more information of our admission requirements and program plan, please refer to our departmental website.

Postdoc Training

Postdoc positions are supported by federal research grants and is expected to exist in at least 2021-2026. Postdocs will participate in a range of research studies based on his/her expertise, and will have opportunities to propose new ideas related to our research goals. Postdocs may gain mentoring experience by leading lab technicians and undergraduates in our group. There is also a budget for postdocs to travel and present research work at national conferences. To apply our postdoc positions, please visit (Posting Number F568P).
Further details of our ongoing work are available from the following list of our recently funded projects:

If there are any questions about our lab and program, feel free to contact Dr. Clement Chan. Candidates may get to know more about our group from our lab website.

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