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Metabolomics is the study of small-molecules (metabolites) of a biological organism, with the metabolome representing the collection of all metabolites.

BAF focuses in the detection and quantitation of selected small molecules (mass-to-charge ratio [m/z] up to 3,000) from a biological source. Our methods are designed to take advantage of state-of-the art liquid chromatographers (Agilent UHPLC 1290) coupled to highly sensitive mass spectrometers (AB Sciex QTRAP 6500+, Agilent 6460 QQQ). Moreover, the laboratory has a gas chromatographer mass spectrometer system (Thermo ISQ1310 single quadrupole) capable of performing liquid, headspace or solid phase micro-extraction injections, and identify new biomarkers using NIST17. The BAF can detect and quantify over 200 metabolites including sugars, sugar alcohols, amino acids, organic acids, phosphorylated compounds, polyamines, phenolics, hormones, secondary metabolites, fatty acids, and polyunsaturated aldehydes.

In addition, the staff can design and validate methods for new metabolites that clients want to pursue.

For information regarding analytical projects, sample submission, instrument training and use, please contact Jean Christophe Cocuron (

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