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Chenggang Liu

Chenggang Liu
Research Assistant Professor

Chenggang Liu PhD. earned his doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a post-doctoral researcher on G protein signaling and miRNA biogenesis at the University of North Carolina and the Pennsylvania State University, respectively. In 2011, he joined Dr. Dixon's lab to study the proanthocyanidin biosynthesis pathway in Medicago and alfalfa. In 2013, he moved to the University of North Texas to work as a research assistant professor in Dr. Dixon's lab.


  • Biochemistry of proanthocyanidin biosynthesis
  • Regulation of proanthocyanidin biosynthesis
  • Bioengineering proanthocyanidin in alfalfa
  • Developing metabolomics methodology
  • Nature product discovery


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  1. Richard A. Dixon, Chenggang Liu and Vladimir Shulav. 2016. Methods for Regulating Extractable Proanthocyanidins (PAs) in Plants by Affecting Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase. U.S. Patent App. No. 16/325,432 - PCT/US2017/046929

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