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Fang Chen

Research Professor

Dr. Fang Chen received his Ph. D degree in Chemical Engineering, major in wood chemistry, from South China University of Technology in 1993. In 2004, Dr. Fang Chen received his Ph. D degree in Agricultural Science, major in biochemistry, from Nagoya University, Japan. He was a Research Scientist in Plant Biology Division at Noble Foundation, located at Ardmore, OK, before joining the UNT in 2013. Dr. Chen's research focus on the plant cell biosynthesis, plant metabolic engineering and biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. The main goal of his research is to understand the biosynthesis, polymerization and structure of lignin. His research has led to the discovery of a natural linear lignin polymer, called C lignin, which hold much promise for future bio-base high value material and chemicals. He has published over 70 peer reviewed papers, including the most cited papers, in his selected research field. He also severs as a Principal Investigator at DOE BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) lead by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


  • Biotechnology for sustainable biofuel and bioproducts: plant cell walls bioengineering and lignin-based carbon fiber and high-value chemicals; altering lignin structure and composition to facilitate the lignin valorizations.
  • Biomass formation and modification: lignin bioengineering and its effect on biomass recalcitrance in bioenergy crops and in-depth mechanisms of plant cell wall recalcitrance. Creation of next generation low recalcitrance high-value biomass crops.
  • Metabolic engineering of plant natural products, secondary metabolite profiling, and high throughput cell wall analysis.
  • Genomic and genetic approaches to understanding plant cell wall biosynthesis and plant growth. EMS mutant screening and mapping-by-sequencing for mutant identification in cleome hasslariana.


• NSF (IOS). Biosynthesis, Regulation, and Engineering of C-Lignin. $833,000. 5/1/15-5/31/18 (Co-PI F. Chen).

• DOE BioEnergy Science Center (BESC). Lignin modification in switchgrass. $346,000. 10/1/12-11/30/17


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