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Need help?

  • Purchasing-- supplies and equipment
  • Facilities related questions
  • Maintenance/building related questions or problems (SRB Building rep)
  • Key requests
  • Phones and telecom liaison
  • Maintain email lists-- BDI-members/ BDI-All
  • Reconcile PCards
  • Inventory-- assets including computers, computer roll-outs
  • Annual Space Survey

Crystal Garrett-McEwen
Lab Facilities and Purchasing Manager
Life Sciences Complex B128

  • Human resources liaison- new positions/ ending positions
  • International office liaison--visas and immigration
  • Travel related questions
  • Tracking Grad Student Progress
  • BDI Budget (quarterly/monthly reconcile- work with Martha first quarter)
  • Conference Room Scheduling (SRB)--meeting calendar
  • BDI Seminar announcements in cooperation with seminar coordinator
  • BDI correspondence/ meeting minutes/ BDI records
  • Time keeping- hourly employees

Katy Tunks
BDI Admin Coordinator
940-565-2491 (BDI number)
Life Sciences Complex B123

  • Grant accounting related questions
  • IDC Questions
  • Purchase/order assistance as needed
  • Account Reconciliation, Cleanup or Status
  • Budget assistance for new awards
  • Reconcile PCARDS
  • Startup Questions

Martha Frantz
BDI Budget Analyst
Life Science Complex B126

  • BDI Grant and contract proposal preparation
  • Coordinating teams
  • Project management
  • Preparation support
  • Pre-award process questions
  • Editing drafts
  • Identifying research funding opportunities
  • Interfacing with COS and UNT proposal managers and sponsored projects
  • Science communication: interfacing with COS and UNT public relations / additions to social media and BDI website

Natasha Gorski
BDI proposal manager
SRB 134

  • BDI Directories
  • Website updates
  • TV loops
  • Social Media

Dr. Charlene Case
Chapman Lab Manager
Life Sciences Complex B425

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