Christophe Cocuron | BioDiscovery Institute

Christophe Cocuron

Head of Bio-Analytical Facility, Research Scientist I

Jean-Christophe Cocuron received his B.S in Cell Biology and Physiology with a specialization in Plant Biotechnology in 2001 from the Université Victor Segalen (Bordeaux, France). After spending two years in the private industry, he joined the group of Ken Keegstra and Curtis Wilkerson at Michigan State University as visiting scholar to work on plant cell wall, and specifically on xyloglucan. One of his major achievement was the discovery and the characterization of a xyloglucan glucan synthase encoded by a cellulose synthase like (Csl) C gene. In 2009, he moved to the Shachar-Hill's laboratory at Michigan State University as research assistant II, where he was involved in a project aiming to increase oil content in Camelina sativa. In 2010, he accepted a Research Associate 2 position at The Ohio State University where he set up and managed a new mass spectrometry facility (Targeted Metabolomics Laboratory), contributed to the study of plant oil synthesis in the Alonso laboratory, and developed several high-throughput analytical methods. In January 2018, he joined the BioDiscovery Institute as a Research Scientist where he is managing the metabolomics and lipidomics platform (BioAnalytical Facility, BAF)


  • Metabolomics using liquid and gas chromatography techniques coupled to mass spectrometry
  • Development of analytical tools to separate and quantify biomolecules
  • Establishment of a workflow to profile lipids in biological samples
  • Monitoring stable isotope labeling in intermediary metabolites by mass spectrometry
  • Analysis of compounds from diverse origin (animal, plant, microbial, food, and environmental samples)


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