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Diana Berman

Associate Professor - Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Diana Berman received her Ph.D. degree in Physics from North Carolina State University in 2012. After graduating, she worked as a PostDoctoral Researcher in Argonne National Laboratory, at the Center for Nanoscale Materials. In 2016, she joined the University of North Texas as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Her research focuses on understanding fundamental aspects of friction, wear, and lubrication of materials with a larger vision of how this knowledge can be applied in practice. She has published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 2 book chapters. She also holds more than 10 patents (both US and International). Among her awards are TechConnect Innovation Awards, Ralph E Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers Early Career Award, UNT Early Career Professorship Award, UNT Research and Innovation Award, and NSF Early Career Award.


  • Friction
  • Wear
  • Lubrication
  • Nanostructured materials
  • Sensing devices

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  • National Science Foundation, CMMI, "CAREER: Manufacturing of Mechanically Stable Nanoporous Ceramic Structures Via Selective Infiltration of Polymer Templates", Amount: $500,000, 03/2021-02/2026, sole PI.
  • Army Research Laboratory Amount: $ 1,250,000, 07/20-07/22, PI (Grant Portion: $500,000).
  • National Science Foundation, CMMI, "Mechanically Driven Growth of Hydrocarbons at Sliding Interfaces to Control Degradation and Wear", Amount: $289,847, 07/2020-06/2023, sole PI.


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