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BDI in the News


05/02/2024 Joyti Shah receives Decker Award

02/15/2024 USDA grants support cotton studies and enhance research capabilities with high-resolution tissue dissection and collection


10/3/2023 Nearly $3M in U.S. NIH funding will boost UNT health-related research

9/29/2023 Dr. Lee Hughes Receives 2024 ASM Carski Award for Undergraduate Education

7/12/2023 Chemistry student earns USDA fellowship for research with possible implications on food safety

3/31/2023 Future of Fashion-efficiently grown

3/31/2023 Bio-Based Solutions

3/22/2023 Diana Berman receives Fulbright Scholar award to Israel for 2023-2024 academic year

3/20/2023 Crop Policy Framework

3/09/2023 Protecting Crops from Pathogens

3/06/2023 Beyond the Plate

3/01/2023 In pursuit of Alien Genes in Bacteria


11/4/2022 UNT faculty named among the world's most cited researchers

11/2/2022 UNT researcher engineers bacteria to convert greenhouse gases into sustainable products

11/2/2022 Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Skellam, UNT

8/16/2022 Researchers earn $1.4M Keck Foundation grant to study greenhouse production of fungal-derived medicines

3/28/2022 Chan receives $1.5M NIH grant to explore protein and cellular engineering

3/09/2022 Sustainable Plant-Based Fuel

2/17/2022 Roadmap to Research Success

2/17/2022 Protecting the Environment

2/06/2022 Student team genetically modifies bacteria to mitigate greenhouse gases

1/28/2022 Diana Berman receives VPRI Early Career Award for Research and Creativity


11/01/2021 Broader Impacts of Plant Communication

10/25/2021 Plant Scientists Develop New Methods for Cotton Research

10/01/2021 Converting Greenhouse Gases into Sustainable Products

09/29/2021 Plant Research Inspired Art Sculptures

09/23/2021 Engineering Hybrid Protein Compatibility

09/01/2021 Coordinated Stress Response in Plants

06/10/2021 Kent Chapman Named Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists

06/02/2021 UNT Researchers want to lower bloat and increase nutrition in animal feed

05/25/2021 UNT researchers further understanding of plant molecules to make food more nutritious for animals, better for planet

04/29/2021 Three BDI researchers with career citiation in top 2% of discipline

04/28/2021 Taming a Toxin-Producing Fungus

04/01/2021 Looking for magic in the Mushrooms

02/06/2021 Increasing Crop Resiliency

1/26/2021 Study examining G-Proteins in plants may have future implications for increased crop resiliency

1/21/2021 UNT celebrates faculty on Highly Cited Researchers 2020 list


11/20/2020 Advancing Renewable Energy Research

10/30/2020 Producing More Efficient Bioenergy

9/4/2020 Combining Stress Signals

8/4/2020 International Symposium on Plant Lipids Honors Professor and Former Student

7/13/2020 UNT unravels a secret of the desert southwest

4/15/2020 More Efficiently Diagnosing Cancer

02/13/2020 Discovering the secret of longevity in Ginkgo biloba trees


12/19/2019 Unlocking the secrets of plant energy

11/20/2019 Introducing bacterial focus to UNT's BioDiscovery Institute

09/23/2019 UNT biofuel research boosted by $2.3 million U.S. Department of Energy grant

06/07/2019 Rediscovering decades-old solution to a modern problem

03/15/2019 SMART Talks Presents: Dr. Rebecca Dickstein

02/20/2019 UNT: Home to the experts' experts


12/20/2018 At the forefront of genomics

12/19/2018 Discovery through collaboration

12/18/2018 Improving the environmental footprint of forages for livestock

12/18/2018 Using plant genes for sustainable agriculture

12/6/2018 UNT professor studies how to squeeze more seed oil from the common pennycress weed

11/27/2018 Distinguished UNT professor elected into the Royal Society