Post Doctorals/Research Assistants/Visiting Researchers | BioDiscovery Institute

Post Doctorals/Research Assistants/Visiting Researchers

Name Title Office Email LAB
Cintia Arias Postdoc SRB 125 Alonso
Mina Aziz Research Assistant Professor LSC B440 Chaoman
Jaime Antonio Barros-Rios Postdoc SRB 121 Dixon
Sami Ben Said Postdoc SRB 123 Henard
Charlene Case Reserach Scientist I/Lab Manager LSC B425 Chapman
Trina Cupit Research Assistant SRB 142 Atunes
Luis Lauro Escamilla-Trevino Postdoc/Lab Manager SRB 124 Dixon
Nicolas Esnay Postdoc LSC B413 Chapman
Savio de Siqueira Ferreira Postdoc SRB 121 Atunes
Wendy Fisher Research Assistant/Lab Manager SRB 142 Alonso
Anil Girija Postdoc LSC B423 Shah
Athanas Guzha Postdoc LSC B411 Chapman
Chan Man Ha Postdoc LSC B428 Chapman
Jake Hall Research Assistant LSC B426 Chapman
Jessica Henard Research Assistant SRB 142 Henard
Emily Herrell Scientific Lab Technician LSC B425 Chapman
Christopher Johnston Postdoc SRB 105-B Alonso
Ying Li Research Assistant SRB 105-A Dixon
Wei Liu Postdoc LSC B323 Dixon
Nan Lu Postdoc SRB 124 Dixon
Sita Sirisha Madugula Postdoc DISC F296 Azad
Vijee Mohan Research Assistant LSC B450 Shah
Monika Patel Postdoc LSC B450 Shah
Vijay Rayamajhi Postdoc SRB 170 Skellam
Julius Ver Sagun Postdoc SRB 125 Alonso
Shamnukh Salimath Research Scientist I LSC B413 Chapman
Juan Carlos Serrani-Yarce Postdoc LSC B423 Chapman
Elena Shulaev Research Coordinator LSC B426 Dickstein
Xirong Xiao Research Scientist I SRB 122 Dixon
Umesh Yadav Research Scientist I SRB 105-B Alonso
Chunliu Zhuo Postdoc SRB 122 Dixon
Angela Stoeckman Visiting Researcher Chapman

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